Voice Acting & Audio

I love to craft wholesome experiences, and I believe that sound is a crucial part of it. I am frequently the sound designer for the games and projects I work on.

I have been voice acting since 2016 and making music for projects since 2017. I have taken classes for acting for the stage and for the voice, and have been on stage in plays, in anime fandubs, and original video projects. My range includes: Adult (Female), Teenager (Female), Young Adult (Female),  Child (Male/Female). I have been taught by stage actress Gerre Garrett and have attended voice acting panels.

Though I did not have a consistent formal music education, I took a class in and learned how to utilize Music Technology in the projects I work on. Some music I have created utilizes a variety of instruments, ranging from sinister trap beats to dramatic exhilarating folk string instruments.

You can also find me on Casting Call Club and Soundcloud.

Demo Reel

This demo reel uses a Blue Snowball and a Rode NT1-A with a Focusrite Scarlett Interface. A special thanks to Mike Toone for being Dr. Strange!

Notable Roles

  • Sakuya Izayoi (Supporting Role)
  • Medium-low voice

She is the only human maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Elegant and graceful, she uses her pocketwatch to manipulate time and attacks using multiple knives.

Julieraptor is a great actor, she gets her lines in on time, she has a good mic quality and she is excellent to work with. I thank her a lot for being Sakuya in my Project!
  • Extra (Penelope)
  • Cute, high-pitched voice

This shy, baby hamster hides under her yellow blanket. She is naive and innocent and tends to get into trouble. Her vocabulary only consists of “Ookwee!”


I voiced Mitsuha and other voices are by Lange Eo and Michael Toone.

This is a final project created for Audio Post-Production. Music is by RADWIMPS and the visual content is owned by Toho.

All sounds were added by me. 

Song Samples