Voice Acting

I have been voice acting since 2015. I’ve been able to collaborate with many people on different projects. I have attended panels on voice acting, including one led by voice actress Katelyn Barr.

My range includes: Adult (Female), Teenager (Female), Young Adult (Female),  Child (Male/Female).

You can also find me on Casting Call Club and Soundcloud.

Demo Reel

This demo reel uses a Blue Snowball and a Rode NT1-A with a Focusrite Scarlett Interface. A special thanks to Mike Toone for being Dr. Strange!

Notable Roles

  • Sakuya Izayoi (Supporting Role)
  • Medium-low voice

She is the only human maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Elegant and graceful, she uses her pocketwatch to manipulate time and attacks using multiple knives.

Julieraptor is a great actor, she gets her lines in on time, she has a good mic quality and she is excellent to work with. I thank her a lot for being Sakuya in my Project!


I voiced Mitsuha and other voices are by Lange Eo and Michael Toone.

This is a final project created for Audio Post-Production. Music is by RADWIMPS and the visual content is owned by Toho.

All sounds were added by me.