Iwork mostly alone, but working on several team projects has allowed me to work with different people and different methods of how to do things. I sometimes  QA for other games. For my personal games I create everything from visuals to audio to writing to programming.

I often make music and sound effects for the projects I work on. Take a listen to my samples on Soundcloud!

 Check out my for other small projects!


ART LEAD | Sound

In Echlo, the player guides an organism through a pitch black underwater environment by sending out soundwaves to gather information about the landscape. While sound is critical for vision, making too much noise will draw the attention of predators. The player will have to find the balance between their fear of not seeing and the threat of becoming dinner!

Game Name: Echlo

Author: Sonnosoft (Sonic Sonar Software)

Engine: Unity

Genre: Simulator/Adventure

Status: Prototype/Proof-of-concept

Role: Art lead, conceptual art for the look of the game, creature orthographics, conflict resolution, music, sound

Website: Link

Download: TBA

Playlist: Link

Completion Rate 40%
Fish 100%
Completion Rate 90%
Badgers 100%


Character Artist | Audio

“Lost child, resist the temptations, and your soul will be cast off from the shackles of evil…”

A badger wakes up in a strange, misty pink dream world where four doors await his entrance. He must discover why he is here, and right what he has done wrong.

This is a five week project created for Game Design Foundations.

Game Name: Elucus

Author: Nocturia

Engine: Unity

Genre: Exploration, Surreal

Status: Released (April 2018)

Role: Character design, 2D Art, Music

Download: N/A (Protoype only)

Music: Playlist

Hard Served

Character Artist | Sound | Voice

Hard Served is a student-made simulator where you play as an Ice Cream Salesman who goes to different locations to sell his product of ice cream and spiked ice cream to many different kinds of people. 

These customers could be anyone from undercover cops (who will arrest you), kids (who probably only want ice cream), drunks (who may bring the attention of all kinds to your business), and just normal people (some will come for ice cream and others will come for the special products). 

Who will you sell to and what will you sell them? Your actions could lead you to be a savvy businessman or rot away in jail.

Game Name: Hard Served

Author: The Unassumed Genders

Engine: Unity

Genre: Simulator

Status: Prototype/Proof-of-concept

Role: Character art, additional item art, Cutscene art audio, voice acting, voice direction

Download: Link

Playlist: Link

Completion Rate 100%
Sweetness 100%
Completion Rate 100%
Cool Space Guys 100%

Asteroid Ambulance

Character Artist

Play as space ambulance pilot Pete Striker as you save stranded astronauts from hazards such as asteroids, black holes, and dreaded inter-galactic space pirates.

Navigate through these challenges and more as you play through 20 exciting levels, with a procedurally generated challenge mode.

Game Name: Asteroid Ambulance

Author: 252 Games

Engine: Unity

Genre: Shooter, Puzzle

Status: Released (April 2018)

Role: Character design, 2D Art

Site: Link

Download (Google Play): Google Play


Personal Project

Amaranthine is a Yume Nikki fangame that focuses on the dreams of the titular child Amaranthine. Explore surreal worlds and gather “effects”, or cosmetic collectibles, and enjoy the view.

Game Name: Amaranthine

Author: Julieraptor

Engine: RPG Maker 2003

Genre: Adventure, Surreal

Status: In development

Role: Art, music, programming

Download: N/A

Development Blog: Link

Completion Rate 25%
Sleepiness 100%
Completion Rate 100%
Fluffiness 100%

Doggo Park

Personal Project

Doggo Park (Soft Dog Simulator) is a short game created under a month where you take your dog to the park to play with some really weird dogs.

Game Name: Doggo Park

Author: Julieraptor

Engine: Construct 2

Genre: Adventure

Status: Released (February 2017)

Role: Art, music, programming