I’m a self-taught artist immersed in both traditional and digital art, though I primarily create art digitally. I have a special interest in Character Design and Pixel Art.  

I also have experience doing frame animation/motion graphics and 3D modelling using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox. 

If you’re interested in seeing the process behind some of my art, check out my Artstation.

Digital Art

Magical Girl (2018)
Aria's Story (2018)
La Bête du Gévaudan (2017)
The Depths (2018)
Angry Striker (2017)
Miyu (2018)

Pixel Art

Waiting For Dad (2018)
Bedroom (2018)
Russell's Regret (2018)
Moonlight (2018)
Commie Chan (2018)
Dream Eater (2018)
:3 (2018)

Traditional Art

Tanisha (2018)
Seat (2018)
Reclining (2018)
Ice Cream Customers (2018)